exhibitor manual


Venue build regulations


All individuals working at Bellagroup, including Bella Center Copenhagen and Bella Arena, as well as at AC Hotel Bella Sky, Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, must comply with Danish legislation regarding work permits and registrations.

This guide, provides an overview of the common types of visas and permits, as well as the exceptions that apply to them. You will also find a guide to the mandatory `RUT’ registration, which must be completed when foreign employers send employees to Denmark for work.

Please note that this is a complex legal area with many rules and exceptions. This guide has been prepared to provide a clear understanding of the current set of regulations but cannot be used as a definitive conclusion regarding whether work permits are required in individual cases.

For further assessment, guidance, as well as approval of visas, work permits, and registration of foreign workers, we refer you to the following authorities:

Building and structural regulations

  • It is not permitted to screw, glue, paint or in any other way cause damage to Bella Center Copenhagen or their equipment.
  • If you unexpectedly damage the interiors/building components, the Bella Center Copenhagen will be obliged to invoice you accordingly.
  • If you need to use sticking material on the Bella Center Copenhagen’s stand walls, floors, or fascia boards, you must use DuploColl 43102, Tesa tape 4964, or TESA Power-Strips, as these can be removed easily without leaving marks/glue residue.
  • Onsite, you can purchase DuploColl as well as wall hooks for lightweight items such as poster frames.
  • Please note that if you fail to remove sticking material residues from the Bella Center Copenhagen’s stand surfaces, floors, etc. on departure, you will be invoiced for post-event cleaning.

Elevated stands, high podiums, or structures with heavy goods

  • If you are to build a two-story stand, the construction must be authorized by the Construction Authorities. You must apply via Bella Center Copenhagen (the application must contain technical drawings, any photographic material, and information on the construction materials, with a fire certification of those if available).
  • Documentation must be submitted together by the deadline, which is twelve weeks before the event start (22nd March).
  • Two-story stands must always have a minimum of one stairway exit with a minimum width of 1.3 m. 49 persons are allowed to be on the top level (1st floor). The exhibitor must display signs on the stand advising this.
  • You are obliged to establish extra sprinklers on a two-story stand.


  • All fire technical installations such as emergency exits, fire hoses, fire cabinets, call points, and fire alarms must not be hidden, obstructed, or covered with decorations. All equipment for firefighting placed in the hall must always be visible and fully accessible.
  • Empty flammable packaging and stock must be continually removed from the hall.

Covered stands

  • As the halls have an automatic sprinkler system, there are limits to how you can cover your stand.
  • All conditions regarding the covering of stands and special areas must be agreed upon with Bella Center Copenhagen. We reserve the right to prohibit covering if it conflicts with the fire strategy in the hall. Therefore, you must inform about the type of covering, size, and materials.
  • If the fire strategical conditions allow it, you may cover your stand. Coverings of more than 9m2 should be constructed with water-permeable materials. You can also construct a firm covering, such as wooden panels, as long as the total firm covering does not extend more than 40% of the covered area. If you have a firm covering of more than 9m2, you are obliged to establish extra sprinklers on the stand.
  • The sprinkler system can only be installed by Bella Center Copenhagen, and we are happy to provide a non-binding quotation for the work.
  • Connection to main sprinkler pipes must always be undertaken by Bella Center Copenhagen.
  • The rest of the sprinkler system may be installed by Bella Center Copenhagen or another authorized technician (according to SKAFOR’s regulations).

Safety standards for the use of lifts in the Bella Center

  • For all types of work in lifts, a safety helmet must be worn, regardless of lift type, task or work duration.
  • This safety standard is introduced as an internal tightening of the rules in relation to the Work Environment Regulations, with the purpose of removing any doubt or dispute regarding the use of safety helmets during lift operations.
  • If you do not have a safety helmet available, one may be borrowed at SOC or through Dan Rasmussen (dara@bellagroup.dk).

Group Security will be conducting regular supervision with lift operations.

TM Forum build regulations

  • Exhibitors will provide all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities to access their booth. All booths with a platform higher than 60cm on which people could stand must have an access ramp.
  • Rigging is not permitted.
  • Aisles must be kept clear to ensure free passage for others.
  • All belongings must be kept within your booth space.
  • Island booths can build to a max height of 5.00m.
  • All other booths can build their bordering wall to a max height of 2.50m.
  • Any adjoining walls facing into another exhibition area must be finished in a neutral plain colour and cannot feature your company logo or branding.
  • For adjoining booths, all signage higher than 2.50m must be set back by 1m in relation to the adjoining stand and the reverse of this sign must be plain white.
  • Two-story booths are only permitted for island booths and exhibitors who have paid the additional fees.
  • Two-story plans must be submitted by 22nd March, 2024.*
  • Single-story plans must be submitted by 23rd April, 2024.*
  • During breakdown/dismantling, vehicles and transport carts are only permitted one hour after the event has closed.

*Upon receipt of stand plans, TM Forum reserves the right to suggest enhancements to your booth to ensure good neighbourly relations.

All stands must be completed by 7:30 pm on Monday 17th June. At this time, TM Forum and Bella Center Copenhagen will perform a walk checking all build is complete, aisles are clear, and all waste and empties have been removed.  Penalty fees will be incurred for any waste left behind.

If a stand is not complete by this time, there will be a charge for overtime.