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24 tips to be successful at DTW

To stand out in the crowd requires a combination of strategy, tactics and interpersonal skills, plus a significant amount of preparation. Below you'll find 24 tips to set your team up for success at DTW24 - Ignite. 

If you have any questions, contact expo@tmforum.org. 

pre event

1. Identify your goals: What are you trying to achieve? Possible goals include increases in new leads and sales, increasing your brand visibility, expanding your social media network, and even the creation of content for your long-term marketing activities.

2. Read the exhibitor's service manual: It's full of valuable information to help ensure a stress-free show.

3. Send the right individuals to the event and make sure they can deliver your elevator pitch (a 30-60-second overview of what your product/service does).

Tip: Practice initial conversations with your team using different personas. Tailor the conversation based on the attendees’ challenges/needs.

4. Plan an interactive experience at your booth to attract potential customers

We are here to help you amplify that message. Let us know what your plans are. If approved, we will provide additional exposure for your brand by promoting your announcement/activities on webpages, social, and emails to registered delegates and will share with our press and analysts in attendance.

5. Create a clear target list of top prospects you want to meet at the show and book meetings beforehand.

Tip: Use the event app to message attendees.

6. Let your customers know you’ll be exhibiting  

  • Tip: Visit the marketing toolkit for support
  • Post weekly on social media using the event hashtag #DTW24 - #Ignite
  • Update your email signature strip
  • Add DTW24 – Ignite to your upcoming events listing

7. Have an "everything box" to keep at your booth with the following: pens, stapler, tape, paper clips, scissors, velcro, name tags, paper, business cards, hand sanitizer, mints/gum, etc.

8. Order services ahead of time. Making deadlines = big savings.  
Design the booth so visitors can navigate easily without feeling crowded. Keep the atmosphere intimate and remove any barriers between yourself and your audience.

Get your tech set-up right Book internet connection    
Book/stand checklist:

  • Deliveries
  • On site storage
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Graphics
  • Furniture
  • Screens
  • Collateral racks or go green and have prominent QR codes for attendees to download further information
  • Lead retrieval
  • Register passes

9. Utilize the press and analyst list to set up briefings and gain industry exposure. The list will be available in early June.

10. Schedule a staff briefing with your onsite team to go over roles and responsibilities.

11. Book hotel accommodation for your team and register your staff passes before arrival.

during event

12. Staff your booth with enough people so that staffers DO get breaks. Consider having a schedule for each team member to attend sessions and network with fellow attendees.

13. Make sure you and your staff download the event app before the event.

14. Did you know that all it takes is 3 seconds to make a good impression? Make sure to engage with visitors and be approachable. Everyone on your stand should be happy talking to visitors and starting conversations with passers-by.

Follow the 80/20 rule when speaking with attendees: Listen 80% talk 20% - Those who listen are the most successful.

15. Meet someone interesting? Schedule a meeting with them onsite.

16. Be active on social media - have someone take photos/videos and post them on your company’s account using the event hashtag: #DTW24 #Ignite.

17. Have a smooth lead capture process. Click here for pricing and to order a license for the lead retrieval app.

18. Hold a contest to reward the staffers who obtain the highest quantity of qualified leads.

19. Go green! Attendees do notice if you are ecologically conscious. Find out how we're being more sustainable.

20. Wear comfortable shoes and look after yourself.

21. If you run into any issues, contact the TM Forum team immediately at expo@tmforum.org.

post event

22. Get leads into your CRM as quickly as possible and send a follow up email within 72 hours. Make sure to personalize these messages.

23. Connect with the people you met on LinkedIn

24. Put prospects into your lead nurturing process.