A blueprint for growth: the techco operating model

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Stage A


Joann O’Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum
John Byrne, Research VP, CSP Operations & Monetization Platforms, IDC 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Building an operating model for growth in the AI era  

  • Agile at scale: A realistic aspiration or a pipe dream?  
  • Bridging the gaps between organizational silos to deliver the required agility  
  • Embedding an “AI first” approach into the company culture   
  • Building a better partnership model between CSPs and vendors  
  • Software platform strategy for realizing the new operating model 

Interviewer: Jinu Koshy, Vice President, Infosys 
Rohit Batra, VP & Head of Telecom, Media, and Technology Products, ServiceNow 
Julian Stobbs, Service Insight & Transformation Director, BT Group 

PANEL: Developing a blueprint for future-proof operating model  

  • What changes are needed across the organization and in terms of operating model to support new business models? 
  • Bridging the gaps between organizational silos to deliver the required agility 
  • Ensuring that the operating model able to operate across multiple verticals 
  • How can digital technologies be used to ease the transition to a new operating model? 

Moderator: Joann O’Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum 


Mathieu Horn, CEO, triPica
Gert Rieder, Vice President, Technic & Infrastructure, Norlys Digital
Eduardo Pérez, Senior Lead – Strategy & Innovation, Colt
Richard Doughty, Business Development Director, Cerillion

PRESENTATION: Transitioning to modern flexible networks for increased profitability and growth 

  • Reducing the complexity of the network to launch services faster and more efficiently  
  • Investing in building platforms to enable end customers to seamlessly consume and manage connectivity, edge computing and applications  
  • Moving to the application layer with network slicing and edge computing as critically adjacent revenue streams
  • Driving market and technology harmonization to be a catalyst to drive growth for the telco industry 

Bill Chang, CEO, Singtel Digital InfraCo 


Bill Chang

CEO, Singtel Digital InfraCo

Eduardo Pérez

Senior Lead - Strategy & Innovation

Gert Rieder

Vice President, Technic & Infrastructure

Jinu Koshy

Vice President

Joann O’Brien

VP Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

John Byrne

Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization

Julian Stobbs

Service Insight & Transformation Director
BT Group

Mathieu Horn


Richard Doughty

Business Development Director
Cerillion Technologies Limited

Rohit Batra

GM and VP of Telecom, Media & Technology