A fresh approach to network energy efficiency

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Stage C

Phil Laidler, Managing Director, Consulting, STL Partners
Subhankar Pal, Senior Director, Innovation, Capgemini Engineering

CASE STUDY & FIRESIDE CHAT: Orange journey towards 0 Watt for 0 load
Emmanuel Chautard, SVP Operations and Networks Economics, Orange  
Interviewer: Subhankar Pal, Senior Director, Innovation, Capgemini Engineering

Networks that deliver (just) enough

  • Can we move to a network paradigm where resources are sufficient to deliver all services without massive overprovisioning?
  • What role does AI have in an adaptive, dynamic network, and does the power consumption burden of AI justify the benefits?
  • Addressing the operational challenges of this dynamicity, and the long-term possibilities made viable by meeting those challenges

Dan Warren, Director, Advanced Network Research, 5G / 6G Research, Samsung Research Institute UK

CASE STUDY: Clean and Green network – Driving sustainability through smarter architecture and electronics

  • Introducing greener network technologies to drive efficiency
  • Large scale network transformations – Transition from linear to circular economy
  • Network optimization – building leaner and  simpler networks 

Vivek Gaur, Vice President, Engineering, Colt Technology Services

CASE STUDY: Empowering energy efficiency: Turkcell 6G lab and innovations for future networks

  • Turkcell's perspective on energy efficiency
  • The importance of network efficiency for the Turkcell’s 6G lab
  • The CelticNEXT project outcomes and potential enhancements in energy efficiency
  • Potential future projects and research topics

Mustafa Karakoc, Director, Access Network Capabilities, Turkcell

CASE STUDY: Practical use of dynamic cooling in telecoms small and mid-central offices
Seongho Heo, Senior Manager, SK Telecom


Dan Warren

Director, Advanced Network Research, 5G / 6G Research
Samsung Research Institute UK

Emmanuel Chautard

SVP Operations and Networks Economics

Mustafa Karakoc


Philip Laidler

Director, Consulting
STL Partners

Seongho Heo

Senior Manager
SK Telecom

Subhankar Pal

Global Innovation Leader for Intelligent Networks
Capgemini Engineering

Vivek Gaur

Vice President, Engineering
Colt India