Keynotes: A new security paradigm for connectivity

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Impact Stage

Michael Lawrey, Chair of Finance Committee and Director of the Board, TM Forum
Sasha Qadri, Host, DTW Ignite

KEYNOTE: Next-gen telco threat landscape

  • Outlining the threat landscape of a modern 5G network
  • Strategies to ensure the security and integrity of mobile networks in a 5G environment 
  • Understanding how the introduction of new technologies expands the attack surface for potential hackers 
  • Addressing the security issues overlooked or minimized in 4G deployments, that can no longer be hidden

Karsten Nohl, Founder and Chief Scientist, Security Research Labs

INTERVIEW: Cyber threat management – Steps to building true cyber resilience 

  • Adopting a risk-based approach – how to identify attack entry points and what can go wrong 
  • When and with whom to cooperate and communicate with partners and ecosystems  
  • Developing effective incident response management across different geographies 
  • How can CSPs keep up with emerging threats? 

Interviewer: Michael Lawrey, Chair of Finance Committee and Director of the Board, TM Forum
Tithirat Siripattanalert, Group CISO CDO, True Digital 

CASE STUDY: Cyber resilience strategies for the future-forward enterprise

  • Discuss the key findings from Verizon’s latest 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)
  • How the DBIR will impact all CSPs and their partners regarding data breaches and cyber threats
  • Security challenges associated with emerging technologies, including cloud computing, IoT and AI
  • Strategies to ensure security-first discipline is baked into every enterprise’s decision making

Martin Kessler, VP, Deputy CISO and Head of Enterprise Cyber Services, Verizon

INTERVIEW: Securing connectivity end-to-end 

  • What role do CSPs play in providing safe and secure networks and services? 
  • How are regulators dealing with threats?  
  • Overcoming the security challenges of 5G networks
  • What are the fundamentals of system cleanliness?  
  • Security controls – Outlining best practices and protection for operations 

Interviewer: Tony Poulos, Industry Insights Advisor, TM Forum
Bjørn R. Watne, SVP & Chief Security Officer, Telenor


Bjørn Watne

Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer

Karsten Nohl

Founder and Chief Scientist
Security Research Labs

Martin Kessler

VP, Deputy CISO and Head of Enterprise Cyber Services

Michael Lawrey

Chair of Finance Committee & Director of the Board
TM Forum

Tithirat Siripattanalert

True Digital

Tony Poulos

Industry Insights Advisor
TM Forum