AI in action

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Stage E

Stuart Dunn, Senior Project ManagerTM Forum
Tomas Lajous, Senior Partner New York, McKinsey 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Innovating with AI for boosting CX and scaling it for enterprise adoption

  • What are complex challenges at scale in customer service operations that AI can address? 
  • From a CIO perspective what are the challenges to scale the innovations for enterprise adoption?
  • Reflection on a Studio/Factor model as a framework for scaling

Interviewer: Anand Santhanam, Vice President, Head of Strategy for Communications, Media and Technology Segment, Infosys
Kieran O’Meara, Chief Information Officer, Telstra
Lilac Ilan, Global Head of Business Development, AI-Powered Telco Operations, NVIDIA

INTERVIEW: AI driven telco: Unleashing Generative AI across your business

  • What are the most impactful areas for Generative AI in Vodafone for efficiency, increased productivity and cost reductions?
  • What are the low-hanging opportunities for Generative AI to improve business processes or create new products?
  • How did Vodafone approach the adoption of Generative AI, from early days experimentation for formal scaled-up adoption programs?
  • Discover the tangible outcomes and benefits Vodafone observed after implementing Generative AI.
  • What’s next for Generative AI at Vodafone?

Interviewer: Iain Thornhill, Telco Industry Advisor, Microsoft
Lester Thomas, Head of New Technologies and Innovation, Vodafone

INTERVIEW: Real-world AI across five ODA functional blocks 

  • Engagement: Personalization 
  • Party management: Customer matching
  • Core commerce: Catalog harmonization
  • Production: Weather and outages
  • Intelligence management: Chat and email management

Interviewer: Tomas Lajous, Senior Partner New York, McKinsey
Neel Mehta, Director, IT Delivery, Bell Canada

CASE STUDY: Data – GEN AI journey mapping & complexities of becoming GEN AI telco

  • Will telco realization towards digital transformation actually mean GEN AI?
  • What kind of infrastructure challenges are we facing now with our existing analytical transformation to traditional AI, and how to cover them in GEN AI?
  • Is investment a consideration for telcos, especially GEN AI telco?
  • How talent is no more a challenge for GENAI journey – UC hyper-personalization and source code complexities
  • How traditional AI is a first choice in some telcos for technology transformation & the complexities of becoming GENAI telco

Ayesha Temuri, Enterprise Data Officer (EDO), CEO Office, Telenor Pakistan


Anand Santhanam

Vice President, Head of Strategy for Communications, Media and Technology segment

Ayesha Temuri

Telenor Pakistan

Iain Thornhill

Telco Industry Advisor

Kieran O’Meara


Lester Thomas

Head of New Technologies and Innovation

Lilac Ilan

Global Head of Business Development, AI-Powered Telco Operations

Neel Mehta

Director, IT Architecture and Delivery
Bell Canada

Stuart Dunn

Senior Project Manager
TM Forum

Tomas Lajous

Senior Partner, New York