Keynotes: Becoming a techco: are we there yet?

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Studio Stage

Sasha Qadri, Host, DTW Ignite 
Joann O’Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum 

FIRESIDE CHAT: From telco to techco: Transforming the buzzwords into a reality

  • What are the ingredients to enable the transformation to a techco?
  • Is there a special ingredient to shortcut the transformation to a techco?
  • What are some immediate opportunities realized by techcos?

Jon James, CEO, Nuuday
Silvia Candiani, Vice President, Telecommunications, Microsoft

KEYNOTE: Survival architecture for CSPs in a changing world 

  • Fast-changing world, fast innovation: market, customers and society evolutions
  • Agile architecture to survive  fast changes require an architecture as agile as development methods and technologies 
  • Collaboration at the heart of the transformation  
  • Go beyond standardization and be operational with code and solution sharing and validation  

Koen Vermeulen, CIO, Orange Group  

PRESENTATION: Turning customers and developers into fans! 

  • Producing a digital experience to excite customers across 10 countries 
  • Working on one common code base built by engaged developers  
  • Leveraging leading API technology 

Peter Leukert, Global CIO, Deutsche Telekom

FIRESIDE CHAT: Drivers for telco evolution: Why and how to make the techco journey? 

  • With the current economic climate of uncertainty around the world, how does transforming into a techco help operators weather the storm? 
  • Cloud, strong partner ecosystems, Web 3.0, and next-generation business models – how to adapt to an ever-changing landscape with emerging technologies while reining in costs 
  • The challenges of finding and retaining talent to make the shift to techco a reality 
  • How do telcos remain relevant by moving from delivering connectivity to identifying future opportunities?  

Interviewer: Sylvain Seignour, President, Netcracker 
Jamal Najem, Chief Transformation Officer, du 
Hesham Fahmy, CIO, TELUS 


Hesham Fahmy


Jamal Najem

Chief Transformation Officer

Joann O’Brien

VP Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

Jon James


Koen Vermeulen

Orange Group

Peter Leukert

Global CIO
Deutsche Telekom

Silvia Candiani

Vice President Telecommunications

Sylvain Seignour