Becoming an API-driven organization

Thursday, 21 September 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location: Stage B

Moderator: Ian Turkington, VP Architecture & APIs, TM Forum

CASE STUDY: Implementing TM Forum’s Product Configuration API

  • Needs and use cases for the coming product configuration API
  • Product Configurator ODA component has 2 purposes: offering qualification and configuration in a quote/cart/order context
  • How Orange and Marand SW collaborate on Open API specification for (previously missing) product configuration API
  • How the API provides runtime product rules computation to various user engagement channels in a composable, plug & play architecture

Boštjan Keber, VP Product Development, Marand Software
Olivier Arnaud, API architect, Orange Innovation IT and Services, Orange

PANEL: Implementing orchestration with Open APIs to deliver dynamic 5G slicing in a multivendor/ multidomain ecosystem

  • 5G network slicing based campus network as a service for B2B customers
  • Examining and demonstrating a successful multivendor dynamic network slicing PoC
  • Highlighting the importance of TMF Open APIs in enabling multivendor cooperation

Moderator: Ian Turkington, VP Architecture & APIs, TM Forum
Dr. Changsoon Choi, VP, Technology Architecture and Innovation, Group Technology, Deutsche Telekom
Kailem Anderson, Vice President, Portfolio & Engineering, Blue Planet
Jason Keane, Head of Portfolio Management, Business and Operations Support Systems, Ericsson
Tarek El-Basyouny, Chief Architect, Strategic Accounts – Europe, Mavenir


Bostjan Keber

VP of Product

Changsoon Choi

VP, Technology Architecture and Innovation, Group Technology
Deutsche Telekom

Ian Turkington

VP Architecture and APIs
TM Forum

Jason Keane

Head of Portfolio, Business & Operations Support Systems

Kailem Anderson

VP, Portfolio and Engineering
Blue Planet

Olivier Arnaud

Functional Architect

Tarek El-Basyouny

Chief Architect, Strategic Accounts