Building blocks of the techco

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Stage A


Patrick Ugeux, Associate Partner, Deloitte
Erik Meijer, Senior Vice President Europe and Global Customer Specialist, MACH49 

PRESENTATION: How to create growth beyond connectivity in the B2B market  

  • Paid product development through co-creation with partners and customers in the enterprise market.  
  • How to co-create and then scale   
  • Taking a closer look at IT and 5G for enterprises
  • Automation of the 5G enabled business processes through IT 

Frank Elter, Director, Telenor Group  

FIRESIDE CHAT: Innovating at scale and speed: making R&D and service development a key priority 

  • Shifting financial priorities from Capex to Opex investment to drive value creation 
  • Addressing the challenges of creating new value within R&D budget constraints  
  • Creating dedicated teams around innovation to develop new IT capabilities and additional product lines 

Interviewer: Patrick Ugeux, Associate Partner, Deloitte
Saeed Otufat-Shamsi, Director of Information Services, Telus
Ron Eisses, Vice President – Client Business Executive, Amdocs

INTERVIEW: Benefiting from a culture of continuous improvement and data-driven communications 

  • Navigating the complexities of working with external partners to offer expanded commercial offerings
  • Accelerating and automating the partner on-boarding process
  • Advocating clear communications to customers to win their trust
  • Expanding day to day operations to enhance the support model and increase customer experience

Interviewer: Erik Meijer, Independent Contracting and Board Assignments, MACH49
Emil Liedtke, Senior Director, Wholesale partnerships and Innovation, T-Mobile 

PANEL: Achieving agility at scale to compete in the hyper-connected world  

  • What are the capability gaps, across technology, processes and talent, to enhance agility 
  • Choosing the right technology and delivery model to achieve true business agility 
  • Embracing cross-functionality and adopting agile methodologies and ways of working to facilitate faster decision-making and innovation 
  • How can CSP leverage the cloud for agility at scale? 

Moderator: Patrick Ugeux, Associate Partner, Deloitte 
Monika Gullin, CTO, EVP, Nuuday
James Kirby, SVP, Global Telco and Head of EMEA, CSG 
Azhar Sayeed, Senior Director, TME Technology & Strategy, RedHat
Osama Abu-Shihab, VP, Business Technology Services, Bell Canada


Azhar Sayeed

Senior Director, TME Technology & Strategy
Red Hat

Emil Liedtke

Senior Director Wholesale Partnerships & Innovation

Erik Meijer

Independent Contracting and Board Assignments

Frank Elter


James Kirby

SVP, Global Telco and Head of EMEA

Monika Gullin


Osama Abu-Shihab

VP, Business Technology Services
Bell Canada

Patrick Ugeux

Associate Partner

Ron Eisses

Vice President - Client Business Executive

Saeed Otufat-Shamsi

Director of Information Services