Cloud-native migration and management: What, where and when?

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Stage B


Yesmean Luk, Principal Consultant and Practice Lead, STL Partners   
Andy Tiller, Executive Vice President, Products & Services, TM Forum

PRESENTATION: Migrating & managing your entire cloud estate from one unified single platform 

  • Improving resiliency and business continuity with hosted solutions on both public and private cloud with a unified management approach 
  • Providing increased control and better support for data flow, analysis and security from core to the edge 
  • Using multi-cloud management tools, PaaS and Containers to ensure rapid growth, innovation and governance 
  • Utilizing cloud analytics and optimization services to ensure high performance across multiple cloud environments 

Vivek Murthy, Director of Private Cloud and Secure Platforms, BT Group

INTERVIEW: How to evolve to cloud-native operations 

  • Identifying how to evolve from a hybrid, multi-cloud approach towards increasingly cloud-native operations and what should be prioritized  
  • Encouraging agility, new service creation and scalability 
  • Ensuring interoperability with legacy network functions where hybrid operations remain 

Interviewer: Yesmean Luk, Principal Consultant and Practice Lead, STL Partners   
Thomas van Briel, SVP Architecture & Technical Strategy, Deutsche Telekom 

CASE STUDY: How to facilitate public cloud adoption and build a positive customer cloud journey 

  • Ensuring compliance facilitated by automation, building a private ‘landing zone’ on public cloud 
  • Providing an automated onboarding for projects and provisioning of security enablers 
  • Selecting proper applications to be migrated from on-premise to cloud 
  • Utilizing a consolidated interface to manage all required tools in DevSecOps processes 
  • FinOps as a key for efficiency and budget control 

Ionut Scarlat, Director, ICT Infrastructure and Cloud, Orange Poland


Andy Tiller

EVP Products & Services
TM Forum

Ionut Scarlat

Director, ICT Infrastructure and Cloud
Orange Poland

Thomas van Briel

SVP Architecture & Technical strategy
Deutsche Telekom

Vivek Murthy

Director of Private Cloud and Secure Platforms
BT Group

Yesmean Luk

Principal Consultant and Practice Lead
STL Partners