Keynotes: Enabling the AI powered telco

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Impact Stage

Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM Forum
Sasha Qadri, Host, DTW Ignite 

KEYNOTE: Harnessing automation and AI – Accelerating growth and boosting productivity at Elisa

  • Exploring Elisa's strategic adoption of automation and AI to drive growth and amplify productivity
  • Lessons learned from Elisa's 10+ years of automation and AI development, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in AI deployment
  • How Elisa's robust automation and AI capabilities have become the cornerstone of its rapidly expanding digital services business, in domestic markets and international B2B sectors, including telecom and manufacturing 

Veli-Matti Mattila, CEO, Elisa

PRESENTATION & FIRESIDE CHAT: Seizing the AI opportunity for CSPs 

  • Enabling a successful AI strategy for telcos: Cloud offering a complete framework for focused investment
  • AI innovation tailored to CSP needs: A layered approach to make innovation accessible and affordable
  • Building the organizational foundations to create business value from a data driven approach
  • Culture change to build experience, skills and knowledge to seize technology opportunities, such as GenAI
  • Tangible outcome driven use cases for CSPs 

Interviewer: Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM Forum
Dr. Rainer Deutschmann, SVP and Group Chief Operating Officer, Telia Company
Ishwar Parulkar, Chief Technologist, Telecom, AWS

FIRESIDE CHAT: AI transformation across the telecommunications value chain

  • What is the value of AI, the strategic business outcomes, and why CSPs should we care?  
  • Leveraging AI to make complex network and infrastructure data more accessible
  • Capturing the potential of AI to make online interactions more humanlike
  • Using AI to improve decision-making, productivity, and customer experiences

Interviewer: Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM Forum
Ankur Jain, Vice President, Telco and Google Distributed Cloud, Edge, Google Cloud
Ulrich Irnich, CIO, Vodafone Germany    

INTERVIEW: Simplifying network operations to deliver world class customer experiences with Azure and AI

  • Discuss the role of Azure for operator scale analytics
  • Explore how network operators like 3UK can extrapolate data from their networks at a speed needed to make decisions
  • Define how experience-based decision making improves the overall customer experience
  • Learn how 3UK is simplifying service network management with AI to improve operations

Interviewer: Paul Brittain, Principal PDM Manager, Microsoft
Iain Milligan, Chief Network Officer, 3UK


Ankur Jain

VP, Telco and Google Distributed Cloud Edge
Google Cloud

Dean Ramsay

Principal Analyst
TM Forum

Dr. Rainer Deutschmann

SVP and Group COO
Telia Company

Iain Milligan

Chief Network Officer

Ishwar Parulkar

Chief Technologist Telecoms Vertical

Paul Brittain

Principal PDM Manager

Ulrich Irnich

Vodafone Germany

Veli-Matti Mattila