IT transformation for greater agility

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Stage B


Yesmean Luk, Principal Consultant and Practice Lead, STL Partners
Chris Silberberg, Research Manager, European Telecommunications Insights, IDC 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Scaling cloud platform operations with GitOps automation 

  • Overcoming the costly complexities of aligning to team schedules, single vs multi tenancy preferences, and culture  
  • Using APIs to unlock opportunities for a variety of business units interfacing with external customers 
  • Strategies for enforcing high standards, governance, and stakeholder trust at scale.  
  • Architecting the stack to support multiple business lines with ownership 

Interviewer: Cameron Peron, Product Marketing Lead, Google Distributed Cloud Edge and Telecom, Google Cloud
William J Cirillo, Director of Enterprise Platform, Verizon 
David Etim, Business Application Platform Lead, Apigee, Google Cloud 

INTERVIEW: Engineering excellence: How to transform a telco 

  • Developing a plan to increase agility through closer integration between network and IT cloud operations 
  • How can we merge functions and manage network and IT convergence most efficiently? What needs to be retained? 
  • How can IT and network operations be bridged with intelligent automation? 

Interviewer: Frederik van Hecke, Partner, McKinsey 
Antonietta Mastroianni, Chief Digital and IT Officer, Proximus

FIRESIDE CHAT: Driving the digital revolution towards cloud-based operations and an intelligent future  

  • Working alongside customers and partners to accelerate digital transformation  
  • Adopting a new approach to promote greater system innovation and achieve streamlined network operations   
  • Creating new value and measurement systems, new models and processes for greater operational efficiency 
  • Realizing a real-time, trusted, consistent, and complete data foundation to support IT transformation

Interviewer: Chris Silberberg, Research Manager, European Telecommunications Insights, IDC
Asitha De Costa, CTIO, Ezecom

PRESENTATION: Boosting digital transformation for achieving high-quality development: best practices of China Unicom

  • China Unicom’s three-stage approach to digital development
  • Unicom's intelligence brain:  integrated capabilities boost innovation advantage
  • AICC case study: Improving efficiency for a booming digital industry

Ms Lou Yu,  Deputy General Manager, China Unicom Group


Antonietta Mastroianni

Chief Digital and IT Officer

Asitha De Costa


Cameron Peron

Google Cloud

Chris Silberberg

Research Manager

Frederik Van Hecke


Lou Yu

Deputy General Manager
China Unicom Group

William Cirillo

Director - Public Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering - Global Tech Executive

Yesmean Luk

Principal Consultant and Practice Lead
STL Partners