Managing and scaling the cloud-native infrastructure

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Stage B


Yesmean Luk, Principal Consultant and Practice Lead, STL Partners  
Ian Turkington, VP Architecture & APIs, TM Forum  

INTERVIEW: Space innovation in the cloud: unleashing potential through collaborative tech partnerships 

  • Making telco cloud work for the most demanding space applications  
  • Integrating cloud tech for professional services that are outcomes-driven 
  • Enabling ‘plug and play’ flexibility through open APIs and MEF standards 

Interviewer: Shiri Yitzhaki, Director of Product Marketing, Amdocs Managed Services 
Gint Atkinson, Vice President – Network Strategy and Digital Architecture, SES Satellites  

PRESENTATION: Winning the satellite communications market with standardization and cloud native IT architecture

  • Applying modern IT architectures to monetize B2B2C SATCOM services
  • Role of Open APIs in scaling the business with partners
  • Driving OneWeb and the broader SATCOM industry to adopt API standardization
  • Monetizing complex SATCOM services

Interviewer: Anil Rao, Senior Director, Product Marketing & Strategy, Oracle 
Senthil Kumar Balasubramaniam, Head of Digital Platforms, Oneweb 

PRESENTATION: Increasing flexibility and cost-efficiency with a multi-cloud approach 

  • Choosing the right public cloud environment, and understanding the limitations of each 
  • Building a foundation for flexibility and rapid innovation 
  • Drivers for a multi-cloud approach: Advantageous sourcing, efficiency of a modern architecture and governance streamlining 
  • Enforcing the security, legal and governance standards and ensuring the cloud addresses these challenges

Laurent Donnay, CIO B2C, Deutsche Telekom


Anil Rao

Senior Director, Product Marketing & Strategy

Gint Atkinson

VP Network Strategy & Digital Architecture

Ian Turkington

VP Architecture and APIs
TM Forum

Laurent Donnay

SVP IT Sales & Service & Platform
Deutsche Telekom

Senthil Kumar

Head of Digital Platforms

Shiri Yitzhaki-Kanchuck

Product Marketing Lead

Yesmean Luk

Principal Consultant and Practice Lead
STL Partners