Masterclass: Business Architecture: enabling value driven transformation

Thursday, 21 September 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location: Stage E

Joann O’Brien, Vice President, Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum

The business architecture team will share the details of their work on business architecture capabilities and value streams, and how these help de-risk strategic planning and transformation initiatives.  Then participants will engage with the business capability map and value streams, to solve a key initiative, demonstrating how these assets can be used to vastly reduce the time taken for strategic planning and essential decision-making for the business. 

Join us to learn about the following:

  • What's the challenge? – How can I align my strategic decision-making to the technical implementations, thereby reducing the risk of transformation initiatives?
  • The need – It is critically important that the design of the transformation is done from the perspective of how that organization captures and realizes value to the customer
  • The vision – By taking this approach, the transformation roadmap and its priorities will always focus on the value being delivered to the customer, ensuring that the business makes the right prioritizations
  • The building blocks of the business architecture and how this discipline can improve decision-making, lay the foundations for diversification and growth, and ensure compatibility between business and technology transformation initiatives based on a series of real-world use cases
  • How business architecture applies beyond the enterprise to leverage the competencies of an entire business value network in order to achieve competitive advantage and sustain performance 

Welcome & Introduction 
Joann O’Brien, Vice President, Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum

Why being value driven is key to diversification and growth
Joao Pedro Pombinho, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NOS

PANEL: Why and how CSPs are building skills and shifting to a value & capability driven approach

  • How important is it for CSPs to evolve to understanding their organization and the ecosystems that they serve from a capability perspective?  
  • Where are you in building this capability/skill inside your business and what challenges have you faced? 
  • What business value has been achieved to date?  Is it measurable? 
  • What should CSPs do to establish and operationalize pragmatic business architecture discipline to drive customer success while driving efficiency and resiliency internally? 
  • What areas do you believe offer the greatest potential for growth for the telco?  

Lester Thomas, Head of Digital & IT New Technologies & Innovation, Vodafone
Sujatha Gopal, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Communication, Media & Technology, TCS
Joao Pedro Pombinho, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NOS


Joann O’Brien

VP Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

João Pombinho

Head of Enterprise Architecture

Lester Thomas

Head of New Technologies and Innovation

Sujatha Gopal

Chief Technology Officer, Communication, Media & Technology Business Services Unit