Masterclass: Techco organizational design

Thursday, 21 September 2023
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Stage A

Cecilia Ortego Lagos, Global Director of Strategic Tech Operations, People and Planet Program, TM Forum

Join the TechCo Organizational Design masterclass, your gateway to revolutionizing your business from a telco to a techco. You will learn to drive innovation, foster a tech-savvy culture, and develop scalable solutions to conquer the challenges of today's dynamic landscape. Discover the secrets behind successful organizational design and learn how to infuse sustainability into your operations. Join us as we build the human element of Open Digital Architecture.  

In this game-changing masterclass, you'll discover:  

  • TechCo Organizational Design Project: Learn about a framework that combines strategic business perspectives with innovative technology solutions to help TM Forum members successfully transition from traditional Telco to TechCo by focusing on organizational design, cultivating a strong culture, and nurturing top talent. 
  • Tech For Good Social Impact Project: Drive real change and make a social impact by leveraging the power of technology to support NGOs and causes that lack access, resources, and abilities to create and develop scalable and sustainable solutions.  

Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Wellbeing ESG, Amdocs
Ayedime Amandi, Group SM: Enterprise Architecture & Customer Channels, Group Technology, MTN Group 
Rohit Bhagat, Principal Consultant, Huawei 
Sean Tai, Principal Consultant, Huawei  


Ayedime Amadi

SM Enterprise Architecture and Customer Channels

Cecilia Ortega Lagos

Global Director of Strategic Tech Operations
TM Forum

Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn

Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Wellbeing

Rohit Bhagat

Principal consultant

Sean Tai