Masterclass: Upgrading your decision making with Digital Twin and AI

Thursday, 21 September 2023
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Stage E

Yvonne Kuimba, Head of AI and Data, TM Forum 

The TM Forum DT4DI framework combines Decision Intelligence, Digital Twin, AI, and AIOps to revolutionize the management of challenging decision-making in complex business processes, improve business outcomes, and create data-driven and results-oriented organizations.

  • Decision Intelligence (DI) is an emerging discipline of turning data and information into better business decisions and actions at any scale.
  • Digital Twin (DT) is an architectural approach providing virtual representations of real-world objects, delivering structured, comprehensive, and dynamically synchronized data models simulating the real world (potentially every entity).
  • AI technology and AIOps practices enable the exploration of Digital Twin and any data models with powerful discovery, analysis, prediction, correlation, learning, and reasoning capabilities.

In this masterclass, learn how Decision Intelligence, Digital Twin, and AI work together and boost each other to address the most challenging business decisions and achieve remarkable results. 

Luca Varvello, ICT Senior Advisor, TMF DT4DI & AIOps Projects Chair, Huawei
Simin Huang, Senior Manager, Strategy & Planning, Huawei
Zhang Ke, Senior Project Manager, China Telecom
Nitin Mishra, Lead Consultant Cloud and Automation, Nokia


Luca Varvello

ICT Senior Advisor, TMF DT4DI & AIOps Projects Chair

Nitin Mishra

Lead Consultant Cloud and Automation, TMF AIOps Project Co-Chair

Simin Huang

Senior Manager, Strategy & Planning

Yvonne Kuimba

Head of AI & Data
TM Forum

Zhang Ke

Senior Project Manager, TMF AI Operations (AIOps) Project Co-Chair