Optimizing network agility

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Stage C

John Byrne, Research VP, CSP Operations & Monetization Platforms, IDC 
Emma Buckland, Principal Analyst – Telco Cloud & Networks, STL Partners

CASE STUDY: SMART NOC – B2B network services assurance digitization for 5G

  • B2B NOC and end customer experience challenges
  • Envisioning a “Touchless NOC”
  • Undertaking a holistic NOC transformation, incorporating leading practices with ODF etc.
  • Aligning business KPIs to network performance metrics 

Ajay Jain, SVP, Network Services, Bharti Airtel 
Berjesh Chawla, Managing Director & Telecom Industry Lead India, Accenture    

CASE STUDY: HKT intelligent operations transformation practices

  • Hong Kong telecom market situation and HKT business focus
  • HKT digital transformation journey and focus
  • Examining HKT intelligent operations transformation practices with AI-enabled use case sharing
  • Achieving operations transformation by virtue of 3Ps (People, Platform & Process)

Fung Kam Shing, VP, Digital Operations Transformation, HKT

CASE STUDY: The road to SRE

  • How can CSP evolve to autonomous networks
  • Applying Google's site reliability engineering (SRE) principles to network operations and measuring SRE maturity
  • Growing an automate first mindset with focus on both use case and framework development along three axis: network data & analytics, service activation & provisioning, service assurance
  • Leveraging partnerships to accelerate automation adoption

Koert Vlaeminck, Director Network Service Assurance and Automation, Telenet


Ajay Jain

SVP, Network Services
Bharti Airtel

Berjesh Chawla

Managing Director & Telecom Industry Lead, India

Emma Buckland

Principal Analyst - Telco Cloud & Networks
STL Partners

Fung Kam Shing

VP , Digital Operations Transformation

John Byrne

Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization

Koert Vlaeminck

Director Network Service Assurance and Automation