Rethinking partnerships to drive innovation

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Stage D

Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner & Nordic Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector Lead, EY
Darius Singh, Consulting Director & Enterprise Platforms Lead, STL Partners 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Rethinking partnerships to drive innovation 

  • 5G monetization -is it a lost cause?
  • How can hyperscalers become an acceleration of 5G and network monetization?
  • And how a marketplace model can help accelerate these partnerships between CSPs and hyperscalers 

Interviewer: Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond Now 
Mohammad Zoualfaghari, Global Technology Lead, AWS

CASE STUDY: Why collaborative design is the ultimate network design for the future

  • The challenge of forming the underlying interconnected foundation for technologies that haven’t been invented yet
  • How to build an infrastructure that can flex in line with changes in working practices and shifting external market dynamics 
  • How to level-up existing industry partner ecosystems for the requirements of the future
  • What happens when the investment and the spirit of partnership moves down the corporate agenda?
  • How to reinvigorate partnerships to build innovative network design

Jaya Deshmukh, Executive Vice President (EVP) – Strategy and Transformation, Colt

CASE STUDY: Journey to ecosystem development for network monetization

  • How are 3rd party and internal partnerships a crucial part of the network monetization ecosystem?
  • What challenges should organizations anticipate as part of the network monetization journey and how can they be overcome by operators and partners?
  • Building 3rd party (industry) and internal relationships rapidly
  • List-oriented lessons learned, mitigation strategies, and actionable insights
  • Bridging technical and business domains – brokering ecosystem development

Stephanie Ormston, AVP, Digital Services Integration, AT&T

CASE STUDY: Insights on a joint innovation partnership to design a high performance infrastructure for 5G central and edge network services

Emmanuel Chautard, SVP Operations and Networks Economics, Orange
Dominique Vanhamme, GM, WW Communication Service Providers Business Unit, Lenovo


Angus Ward

Beyond Now

Charlotta Kvarnström

Partner & Nordic Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector Lead

Darius Singh

Consulting Director & Enterprise Platforms Lead
STL Partners

Dominique Vanhamme

GM, WW Communication Service Providers Business Unit

Emmanuel Chautard

SVP Operations and Networks Economics

Jaya Deshmukh

EVP Strategy & Transformation

Mohammad Zoualfaghari

Global Technical Lead

Stephanie Ormston

AVP, Digital Services Integration