Spotlight Session: Realizing a digital future for Europe: Actioning and accelerating fiber deployment

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm |    Add to calendar

Location: Stage B

This is an invitation-only session. If you are interested in attending, please submit your interest here and we will be in touch.

Society’s reliance on high-speed broadband networks within Europe is increasing rapidly. Many households now have more than fifteen devices connected to the internet. There has been an explosion in streaming video subscription services and the shift to home working has also resulted in a change in demand for fiber connectivity, away from city centres and into the suburbs and more rural areas.  

As a result, FTTx solutions have gained fresh impetus owing to their higher speed and better reliability. Yet despite the burgeoning demand for fiber connectivity, the economics for an operator can be challenging.     

In this Spotlight session, join us as we discuss CSPs’ current progress towards a full fiber future for Europe and identify how the traditional cost challenges associated with FTTx deployment might best be overcome.  

TM Forum welcome and FTTx market overview  

  • Considering the business case for fiber in Europe: Are lower costs long-term enough to outweigh the associated lengthy deployment payback periods?  
  • Strategies for building a complete, holistic picture of fiber deployment to help achieve a better ROI
  • Comparing the pros and cons of working with one or multiple partners
  • Identifying the 20% of costs around planning, procuring, deploying, and operating fiber that CSPs can control (aside from the 80% of costs which are civil works)  

Joann O’Brien, VP Beyond Connectivity and Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum  

PRESENTATION: Introducing ‘Focus on Fibre’  

  • Strategies for unlocking the full potential of full fiber, with 80% reduced cycle times  
  • Advocating a lean operating model to scale up service operations and speed up new product rollouts.  
  • Benefits of utilizing a preconfigured BSS stack for fiber operators to boost customer acquisition dramatically.  
  • Utilizing a comprehensive platform to manage wholesale fiber aggregation  

Harsha Kumar, CEO, Prodapt   

FIRESIDE CHAT: Making the economics of fiber work: Strategies for strengthening fiber take-up and maximizing ROI  

  • What strategies are telcos adopting to make the economies of fiberization work? 
  • What are the key challenges in improving full fiber adoption? 
  • How are organizations preparing to support scaled-up operations to ensure speed and reliability? 
  • Mass Market (B2C) vs Business (B2B): Similarities and differences & how to deal with different customer segments & to maximise ROI?  
  • How will the fiber market develop from here, and how can we best prepare for future consolidation with other Alt-nets? 

Interviewer: Joann O’Brien, VP Beyond Connectivity and Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum 
Mandeep S Kwatra, Senior Partner, Prodapt
Vicky Higgin, Chief Digital & Information Officer, CityFibre

PANEL: Upgrading cable to full fiber to unlock new wholesale fiber revenues

  • Upgrading networks to full fiber to launch new wholesale business and off-net expansion with partners 
  • Consolidating legacy platforms to increase business agility and optimize costs, leverage TM Forum standards/APIs and optimize costs 
  • Realizing the vision of E2E automation, and streamlined orchestration for all wholesale and retail services with a ‘single pane of glass’ approach

Moderator: Joann O’Brien, VP Beyond Connectivity and Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum 
Monika Nowak-Toporowicz, CTIO, Virgin Media Ireland
TS Narayanan, Chief Information Officer, Global Cloud Xchange 


Harsha Kumar


Joann O’Brien

VP Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

Mandeep Singh Kwatra

Senior Partner

Monika Nowak-Toporowicz

Virgin Media Ireland

Mukul Gupta


TS Narayanan

Chief Information Officer
Global Cloud Xchange

Vicky Higgin

CDIO and Executive Director

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