Spotlight Session: Trusted AI everywhere – Moving data & AI to the public cloud

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm |    Add to calendar

Location: Stage E

This is an invite-only session. If you are interested in attending, please submit your interest here and we will be in touch.

There is an abundance of data in the telecom business. Network, customer, and all other operational processes can generate petabytes of data every day. With the new wave of LLM and AI technologies now available, telecom companies are positioned to leverage this wealth of data to unlock new use cases to improve customer interactions and drive operational efficiencies. But how do you build trust in the AI that your data has created? How can you ensure that models that speak for themselves say the right things?  

In this session we will examine how to develop a modern data architecture, based on open-source software and a combination of public cloud and on-prem infrastructure, and delivering a dynamic at-scale platform for enterprise transformation. 

Data & AI: The engine of innovation, automation, and transformation for the telecommunications industry 

  • Driving common approaches to challenges such as data governance and AI governance through collaboration  
  • The role of data in the open digital architecture (ODA)  
  • Exploring the opportunities of effectively managing and leveraging hybrid data in today’s digital landscape 

Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation, TM Forum

The five key elements of a modern telco data architecture 

  • How to achieve real-time insights and drive value from data through the right technology and deploying it 
  • Detailing the evolving landscape within which all this happens – changing infrastructures, emerging data sources, updated regulations and new business requirements 
  • What are the five key elements to consider as part of a successful modern telco data architecture? 

Wim Stoop, Senior Director, Hybrid Data Platform, Cloudera 

Transforming a data analytics data architecture 

  • Data Analytics requirements for telecom & satellite operations  
  • On-prem platform architecture description & challenges
  • Lessons learned about migrating to the public cloud 

Ciro Milite, Director of Data and Digital Service Management, Eutelsat 
Stefano Greco, Big Data Architect, Eutelsat 

Developing a Data and Analytics Strategy

  • Generating business value from telco data – the value flywheel
  • Data and analytics strategies for telco – business and technology drivers, use cases and analytical capability development
  • Monetizing the data deluge – overcoming organizational barriers by treating data as a product and building best practice architectures
  • Generative AI in telco – the customer and operator journey, and use case development

Jon Penrose, Business Development Manager – Telco Data & Analytics, AWS

Accelerating analytics capability in telco with public cloud   

  • Evaluating the advantages and challenges of utilizing public cloud for data workloads 
  • Gaining valuable lessons learned from our experience 
  • Understanding the process of evaluating and determining suitable workloads for public cloud migration 

 Patrick de Vries, Lead Solution Architect, KPN 

Panel Discussion – Unlocking success in cloud migration   

  • Examining the impact of compliance on cloud migrations  
  • What are the steps to develop a strong compliance strategy?  
  • How important is data movement, including cloud repatriation? 
  • Are skills still as much of a challenge as they have always been, or has the employee base begun to standardise across cloud and open source? 

Panel moderator: Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation, TM Forum     

Wim Stoop, Senior Director, Hybrid Data Platform, Cloudera 

Ciro Milite, Director of Data and Digital Service Management, Eutelsat 

Patrick de Vries, Lead Solution Architect, KPN 


Aaron Boasman-Patel

Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation
TM Forum

Ciro Milite

Director of Data and Digital Service Management

Jon Penrose

Business Development Manager

Patrick de Vries

Lead Solution Architect

Stefano Greco

Big Data Architect

Wim Stoop

Senior Director, Hybrid Data Platform

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