Keynotes: The future ready techco

Thursday, 21 September 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location: Impact Stage

Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM Forum
Mei Lee Quah, Director, ICT Research, Frost & Sullivan

CASE STUDY & INTERVIEW: Shaping the vision of 6G  

  • What are the critical challenges that the network is likely to encounter as it advances towards 6G? 
  • Rethinking network design to support a vast number of connected devices, intelligence, and computation
  • The importance of advancing technology to reduce costs and carbon footprint associated with operating networks as well as intelligence in 6G 

Interviewer: Tony Poulos, Industry Insights Advisor, TM Forum
Yue Wang, Head of 6G Research, Samsung Research Institute UK

FIRESIDE CHAT: Quantum and beyond

  • Discuss data privacy and post-quantum crypto as the crucial considerations in the age of advanced computing and the increasing potential for quantum attacks
  • How to effectively solve optimization problems using Quantum Processing Units (QPUs)
  • Next steps in the development in quantum algorithms and hardware to fully harness the power of quantum for CSPs

Interviewer: Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM Forum
Jon Hammant, EMEA Head of Compute, AWS
Jacob Bock Axelsen, CTO Risk Advisory, Deloitte Denmark 

PANEL: Telco-startup collaboration for future readiness

  • Case studies: What are the key success stories and lessons learned from telco-startup collaborations?
  • Pains vs gains: How can telco operators leverage startup collaboration to drive innovation and growth?
  • Forward thinking: What strategies can be implemented to nurture a culture of innovation within telco organizations?

Moderator: Nicolai Schaettgen, CEO, Match-Maker Ventures
Alessandro Santoro, Senior Director Customer Innovation, Sunrise
Emelie Frisk, Group Strategy & Commercial Manager, Telia
Julio Prats, Chief Revenue Officer, Schaman


Alessandro Santoro

Senior Director Customer Innovation

Dean Ramsay

Principal Analyst
TM Forum

Emelie Frisk

Group Strategy & Commercial Manager
Telia Company

Jacob Bock Axelsen

CTO Risk Advisory
Deloitte Denmark

Jon Hammant

EMEA Head of Compute

Julio Prats


Mei Lee Quah

Director, ICT Research
Frost & Sullivan

Nicolai Schattgen

Match-Maker Ventures

Tony Poulos

Industry Insights Advisor
TM Forum

Yue Wang

Head of 6G Research
Samsung Research Institute UK