Keynotes: The path to the net zero CSP

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Impact Stage

Hannes Schneider, Associate Partner, Bain
Sasha Qadri, Host, DTW Ignite 

FIRESIDE CHAT: The roadmap to net zero

  • Understanding the role of data in driving energy efficiency and sustainability
  • How third-party data becomes an actionable, powerful force for good
  • How emerging networks and infrastructure can make a tangible impact on emissions
  • Adopting a collaborative approach across the ecosystem to reduce value chain emissions
  • How should CSPs start to transition plans for the future?

Keri Gilder, CEO, Colt
Allison Kirkby, President and CEO, Telia Company

INTERVIEW: Making the digital transition to greener networks and infrastructure: Twin transition of infrastructure

  • Redesigning networks and infrastructure to promote energy-efficient practices, reduce energy consumption and environmental impact
  • Balancing increased traffic with intelligent networks to support growing demands for digital services 
  • Leveraging automation for sustainable and streamlined operations
  • How to develop and adapt business models for sustainable infrastructure and provide value to stakeholders 
  • Addressing the burden of legacy infrastructure 

Interviewer: Hannes Schneider, Associate Partner, Bain
Jannicke Hilland, EVP Infrastructure, Telenor

FIRESIDE CHAT: The path to the purpose-led telco   

  • Purpose as culture, as a job, as a tool to change the way we think and run the business
  • Enabling cultural change – Whose responsibility is it to embed a collaborative culture and empower employees?
  • How can senior leaders drive purpose across the organization and overcome “business as usual” way of thinking the business?

Interviewer: Hannes Schneider, Associate Partner, Bain
Jean-Benoît Besset, VP for Group Environment and Energy Transition, Orange
Peter S Andersen, Senior Director, Head of Sustainability, TDC NET


Allison Kirkby

President & CEO
Telia Company

Hannes Schneider

Associate Partner

Jannicke Hilland

EVP Infrastructure

Jean-Benoît Besset

VP for Group Environment and Energy Transition

Keri Gilder


Peter S Andersen

Senior Director, Head of Sustainability