Unlocking the power of networks: transformation and monetization strategies

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Stage C

Emma Buckland, Principal Analyst – Telco Cloud & Networks, STL Partners
Robert Curran, Consulting Analyst, Appledore Research

FIRESIDE CHAT: Bringing the cloud native network to life to deliver agility and scale

  • How are you applying the principles of cloud native architecture to your mobile network?
  • How is Cloud transforming your economics on Capex and Opex?
  • Why is cloud-native transformation more than technology change?
  • How to deploy Open RAN in greenfield/brownfield networks and how does the economics stack up?
  • Why robust vendor partnerships are critical for cloud native success?

Interviewer: Ian Turkington, VP Architecture & APIs, TM Forum
Anil Pawar, SVP, Head Of Architecture & Tech Strategy, Rakuten Mobile 
Jason Rutherford, GM & SVP, Oracle

FIRESIDE CHAT: Empowering business agility through service orchestration

  • The challenges Telstra and CSPs faced in their network operations 
  • Why a cloud-native, reusable, multi-tenant PaaS was needed to help Telstra achieve its NaaS strategic goals
  • How to leverage TMF standards
  • Why are service orchestration and a unified inventory system critical for improving agility and the measurable impacts Telstra has seen? 
  • Why Telstra believes they are well positioned to unlock new business opportunities, faster, and in a way that brings a more positive customer experience

Interviewer: Robert Curran, Consulting Analyst, Appledore Research
Mark Sanders, Chief Architect, Telstra 
Jean Lawrence, VP Cloud & Network Services Marketing & Communications, Nokia 

INTERVIEW: The network as an enabler of innovation and growth 
Interviewer: Robert Curran, Consulting Analyst, Appledore Research
Aayush Bhatnagar, SVP, Jio 

INTERVIEW: Building a hyper-converged cloud infrastructure (Cloud-based HCI)
Ashiq Khan, Vice President, Head of Unified Cloud & Platform Division, SoftBank    
Interviewer: Emma Buckland, Principal Analyst – Telco Cloud & Networks, STL Partners


Anil Pawar

SVP, Head Of Architecture and Tech Strategy
Rakuten Mobile

Ashiq Khan

VP, Head of Cloud Infrastructure R&D Division

Emma Buckland

Principal Analyst - Telco Cloud & Networks
STL Partners

Ian Turkington

VP Architecture and APIs
TM Forum

Jason Rutherford


Jean Lawrence

VP CNS Marketing & Communications

Mark Sanders

Chief Architect


Consulting Analyst
Appledore Research