Xchange Session: Driving a security mindset

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Stage A

Karsten Nohl, Founder and Chief Scientist, Security Research Labs

Together we go on a telco hacking journey to understand how each step in the journey could have been prevented.

Hacking complex networks takes weeks and touches dozens of technologies. Defence is as complex, as bringing each network element up to a baseline security standard, and each colleague into a security mindset. Most variance in mobile network hacking resilience, however, arises from 5+1 base processes with unambiguous responsibilities. In this session, we jointly work out who needs to do what, so we are ready to race hackers including;

  • What are the vulnerabilities in each step of the telco hacking journey?
  • How to establish a baseline security standard for all network elements 
  • Strategies to prevent potential breaches, minimize variance and strengthen security measures 
  • How to promote a security mindset among colleagues to enhance defence against hacking attempts

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Karsten Nohl

Founder and Chief Scientist
Security Research Labs