speaker bio

Amanda Gosling

Vice President - Telco, Media, Technology and Services Market Leader - Capgemini Invent

First and foremost, I am an Aussie transplant that has hopped around the world working and playing for the last 20+ years..and it has been a  lot of fun. In the working part of that equation, I have become a global senior executive experienced in leading the transformation of businesses resulting in significant growth. Particular focus, across industry of driving business from the intersection of data, brand experience and technology.

I tend to work in industries that drive the GDP of the world, and enable lives and business create the world we need for the future.

Right now, I spend a lot of time in Telco – specifically with smart tech solutions (IoT, MEC, MPN, 5G) enabling industry transformations. Now, within this, a huge focus on the sustainability challenge/opportunity that this creates and how to address in the fabric of how telcos, communications and tech companies have a fundamental requirement to change the fabric of their organisational operations, and move beyond the supply chain and move into the way they work to achieve the progress of a progressive society while accelerating the positive impact to the climate crisis.