speaker bio

Chun Liu

expert - Huawei

I'm Liu Chun from Huawei. I'm responsible for promoting the AN industry development. This time, I'm the speaker of "Evaluation of autonomous network service experience for the cloud network" Catalyst Project . During my 18 years at Huawei, I was responsible for protocols and development related to MPLS TE/RSVP and SDN, and worked as an R&D product manager in the IP field for three years. Be familiar with cloud network scenarios and market solutions related to MPLS VPN and EVPN/SRv6. With the introduction of the AN concept, network automation and intelligence become the trend of future evolution. By incubating the AN service experience evaluation catalyst project in cloud network scenarios, we hope to explore scenario-based hierarchical testing and evaluation methods for carriers' networks, help carriers develop end-to-end network AN capabilities, and enable intelligent experience upgrade for vertical users.

Wednesday 20 September | 1:30 pm - 2:55 pm | CET
Catalyst Session: Accelerating tomorrow’s networks: Seamless connectivity for limitless experiences