speaker bio

George Glass

CTO - TM Forum

George is an experienced industry thought leader, telecoms professional and business manager with over 32 years expertise in the IT sector in all aspects of software engineering. Having joined the TM Forum in 2018 as VP of Architecture and APIs, George became CTO of the TM Forum in 2020.

Through industry collaboration, George is the leading the creation of industry standard architectural and business transformation patterns, Open APIs, AI enabled operational models, self-healing autonomous network services and data models that enable digital service providers to simplify the transformation of their IT and network estate, helping to drive the digital revolution that is happening across all industries today. 

Prior to joining the TM Forum George was the Chief Systems Architect for BT. George led architectural transformations within BT for over 15 years. Whilst at BT George was an active contributor to the TM Forum, having received an outstanding contributor award in 2016 and was appointed a TM Forum Distinguished Fellow in 2018.

Tuesday 19 September | 11:05 am - 12:30 pm | CET
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