speaker bio

Katalin Bártfai-Walcott

Innovation Strategist in Residence - Smart Cities Council

Innovation Strategist in Residence for the Smart Cities Council focusing on the impact and adoption of potential technologies, sharing insights into the predicted impact and implications on cities, regions and towns, their residents, and ecosystems. CTO at Ambient Enterprises, focused on sovereign digital twin technologies, agency of data, and trustworthiness. Former technology strategist, solution architect and Principal Engineer at Intel and IBM. Published over 30 technical papers, several reference architectures with IEEE and co-authored numerous IBM Redbooks. She served as the CTO for OpenFog and represented Intel for OASIS. Speaker at numerous seminars and conferences since 1995, holds over 70 patents, and has received IBM’s Chairman’s Award for Global Linux Services strategy. She was awarded the Top 50 Smarter Cities Global Influencers for 2019.