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Martin Vieth

Solution Architect - Nokia

Meet Martin Vieth, a Lead Architect with 25 years in telecommunications, currently shaping Nokia, His journey spans diverse roles, including presales and product management, from services to R&D. In Nokia's Digital Operations Business Unit, he specializes in orchestration and assurance, with products like NOrC and FlowOne, driven by a customer-focused approach. He's a key TMF contributor via Catalyst projects. With unwavering commitment, Martin captures the essence of Nokia's vision, impacting the industry. He's lived and worked in Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Belgium, and now in Lisbon, Portugal. Martin also brings years of invaluable experience in Mediation and Charging domains.

Wednesday 20 September | 11:05 am - 1:02 pm | CET
Catalyst Session: Unleashing tomorrow’s intelligent edge for hyper-personalized experiences and sustainable progress