speaker bio

Tao Ren

RAN Product Marketing Director - ZTE Corporation

Wireless Communications Expert, with 13 years of R&D experience and 5 years of pre-sales experience, I have dedicated the past 5 years to specializing in the latest advancements in 5G and 5G-A (5G Advanced) technologies. This includes conducting research on groundbreaking concepts such as Network Slicing, which enables tailored network customization for diverse demands, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS), which manipulate EM waves to optimize signal propagation and enable extended coverage, as well as Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC), which endow communication base stations with sensing capabilities. At MWC 2023 Barcelona, the Dynamic RIS solution I led was shortlisted for the GLOMO “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award.” 

Tuesday 19 September | 2:30 pm - 3:57 pm | CET
Catalyst Session: Connecting with confidence: Embracing the potential of next-gen connectivity