Going green – how to become and stay a green CSP

Jenny Kessman

Where should CSPs start their journey to become greener? Where do the opportunities for becoming more energy efficient lie? Strategies for going solar – sourcing energy from solar energy suppliers and using solar panels to save on energy costs How to measure the impact of your green initiatives

Building the next gen of IT to support B2B2X applications and services

Poorvi Verma

Overhauling internal processes and IT systems are designed to optimize agility and support business goals How to reconfigure IT and operating models to meet the requirement of different industry verticals Building a platform that will enable the flexibility, agility and speed required for B2B2X products and services Learning to partner and co-create with customers to develop growth coming from services …

INTERVIEW: Developing an intelligent operating model to enable next gen CX

Poorvi Verma

The key drivers to embark on this journey – market / industry- and organization-related The approach taken and the referenced TM Forum frameworks and tools used Outcomes of this engagement – a comprehensive target operating model and how we are realizing it Some dos & don’ts for an intelligent operating model

INTERVIEW: Fostering an open collaborative culture that drives sustainable innovation

Poorvi Verma

What is an “open culture” and how human connection can positively impact the bottom line How to infuse “open” into the organization by building cross-functional teams that drive digital inclusion and change through collective action, experimentation and risk-taking? Addressing the cultural shift required to empower employees through open leadership How do themes/trends/feedback from customers and community partners inform the approach …

Operationalizing the Edge to bring the network closer to the customer

Poorvi Verma

How will CSPs build their Edge platform and to what extent should it share infrastructure with the network? Designing the Edge Cloud Reference Architecture in order to deploy an open and vendor agnostic Edge cloud Understanding the bandwidth, latency and connectivity requirements needed to provision the required transmission/fibre, power and related resources at the Edge Why edge architecture needs to …

How Big Data & AI is supporting and enabling business growth and value at pace and scale?

Poorvi Verma

Scalability: moving beyond legacy Big Data platforms to scalable cloud platforms called AI Booster (Google Vertex AI) to enable automated deployment across markets as well as automating PoC to the production process Growth with AI: transforming into a leading AI-driven telco company by engaging with our three strategic pillars: Real-time AI, AI at scale, and AI Everywhere