exhibitor manual

filming policy

Requests to film 

  • All filming must be authorized by TM Forum prior to the event. Please reach out to TM Forum’s Sponsorship Manager for permission and details.
  • All videography and photography operations cannot interfere with TM Forum sessions, activities, or visitor traffic. TM Forum reserves the right to determine the terms under which filming will be permitted, and the right to deny or revoke permission to film for any reason.
  • TM Forum puts the experience and safety of our delegates and staff foremost. We reserve the right to reject and revoke requests that interfere with our delegate’s experience or unnecessarily burden TM Forum or venue and staff.

Please note: On the show floor, tripods, standing cameras, lights, standing microphones, chairs/seating arrangements, wiring, backdrops, or other stationary equipment are strictly prohibited.


  • Filming in the TM Forum exhibition hall is allowed, but only inside a sponsor’s designated exhibition space and meeting room with the express permission of the sponsor. There will be no filming in the aisles, attendee lounges or any other public space in the exhibition hall.
  • Filming is strictly prohibited in all conference sessions (Headliner, Summits, etc.).
  • Filming in general areas on the show floor is allowed with portable or handheld cameras. TM Forum reserves the right to ask any film crews to relocate if deemed necessary.
  • Please note that anyone found violating these guidelines will be asked to leave the event immediately.