exhibitor manual


A shared event Wi-Fi network is provided free of charge throughout the venue. 

Booths come with one wired shared connection and access to venue Wi-Fi. Meeting rooms come with only access to venue Wi-Fi. There is no guaranteed bandwidth on the venue Wi-Fi or the wired connection, it should suffice for normal web browsing and email usage. Dedicated wired connection upgrades are available for purchase.

To ensure the best experience for your booth and meeting room we strongly recommend using wired connections for all equipment that allows it.

In-booth dedicated Wi-Fi will only be available for purchase by approval based on technical requirements demonstrating that utilizing wired connections is not feasible.  Whilst every endeavour is taken to provide reliable, dedicated Wi-Fi, on occasion it is subject to interruption outside of the organisers control and therefore any Wi-Fi dedicated order is taken at own reliability risk.

Connectivity is important for all our partners and delegates, in order to mitigate risk of delivery, no external Wi-Fi broadcast devices (routers, access point, personal hotspots etc) will be allowed under any circumstances in or around exhibitor’s booths per our standard contract terms.

Any exhibitors or sponsors found to be running such equipment will be asked to remove it with immediate effect.

Venue Wi-Fi will be SSID: DTW with no password. To take best advantage of the Wi-Fi network, please ensure you will be using a 5GHz enabled Wi-Fi device.

To upgrade to dedicated wired connection or apply for dedicated Wi-Fi click here.

The deadline to order is May 3, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET. *Orders placed after this date are subject to a 15% surcharge.

  • Payment must be made at time of order with credit card. Invoicing option is not available.
  • All orders must include uploading a plan/illustration showing where the internet drop should be located.
  • Any Ethernet hub/switch rentals or extra cables can be picked up at the exhibitor services desk


  • Dedicated 10 mbps line, shared public IP - $3025 USD
  • Dedicated 100 mbps line, shared public IP - $5670 USD
  • Ethernet hub/switch rental (8 port) - $119 USD

*A cancellation fee of 3% is applied with a minimum of $85

For questions, email eventnetwork@tmforum.org.