Keynotes: Becoming cloud native for growth and flexibility

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Studio Stage


Sasha Qadri, Host, TM Forum 
George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 

KEYNOTE: Becoming cloud native for growth and flexibility

  • How can being cloud native help initiate growth and how can we as industry make change happen
  • Deep dive into Jio’s API adoption journey, and the role it has played in digital transformation
  • What is the future vision for Jio?

Kiran Thomas, CEO, Jio
Anish Shah, COO, Jio

FIRESIDE CHAT: Agility and innovation through cloud transformation – key learnings and outcomes

  • Creating a successful cloud transformation journey: defining roadmaps and goals, identifying barriers to remove, evolving leadership requirements
  • Key learnings and achievements: how to gain agility and accelerate time to market through culture change
  • Focus innovation: use case examples driving tangible end customer improvements
  • Creating the cloud-native fly-wheel effect: how to tackle “what’s next” 

Interviewer: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum
Peter Leukert, Global CIO, Deutsche Telekom
Fabio Cerone, Managing Director EMEA, Telecom Industry, AWS

INTERVIEW: Driving growth through new networks and services – winning strategies and lessons learned

  • Where do we start and what are you starting with? How to effectively balance short-term and long-term goals  
  • How to streamline operations and processes to enable effective collaboration with partners to drive new services 
  • Investment in talent and culture   
  • What new opportunities has ODA unlocked? 

Interviewer: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum
Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO, Telus

PANEL: Leveraging DevOps and CI/CD for maximum agility, cost efficiency and scalability 

  • How CI/CD makes software development easier, faster and less risky to deploy and manage solutions with components created and supplied by multiple vendors (such as 5G) throughout their lifecycle 
  • Unifying development and operations teams into a shared repository for coding, testing, deploying and supporting software 
  • Building cross-functional teams to achieve the agility, speed, and partner-centricity required to succeed with cloud native

Moderator: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum
Hesham Fahmy, CIO, TELUS  
Amaia Lesta, Chief Cloud Product Manager, Vodafone Cloud Engineering 
Luca Cassani, Technology Strategist and Account CTO, Microsoft 
Padma Ravichander, CEO, Tecnotree


Amaia Lesta Sobrino

Chief Cloud Product Manager, Vodafone Cloud Engineering

Anish Shah


Elizabeth Nguli

Head of Cloud Technologies

Fabio Cerone

Managing Director, Telco IBU

George Glass

TM Forum

Hesham Fahmy


Ibrahim Gedeon


Khaireel Mohamed

NTS Retail

Kiran Thomas


Luca Cassani

Technology Strategist and Account CTO

Padma Ravichander

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Larnholt

Chief Information Officer

Peter Leukert

Global CIO
Deutsche Telekom