Driving operational excellence with AIOps

Tuesday, 19 September 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Stage E

Stuart Dunn, Senior Project Manager, TM Forum
Philip Laidler, Director, Consulting, STL Partners

CASE STUDY: Vodafone IoT: AI-powered service usage anomaly detection

  • How to integrate AI/ ML capabilities and enable early and precise detection of potential service-affecting incidents
  • Reducing operational effort by improving both proactive monitoring of IoT network services and reactive triaging of service incidents
  • Developing self-healing network capabilities and enhancements to the closed-loop automation feedback system
  • Using future features to enhance autonomy and align with Vodafone's strategic initiative of "Zero Touch Operations"

Sampada Basarkar, Director of Products and Platform Engineering, Vodafone
Carla Penedo, Director of Offer Development & Innovation, Celfocus

CASE STUDY: AIOps-enabled automation – Making the case for wider adoption   

  • Establishing the business case for AIOps is critical for cost reduction and monetizing services 
  • Adoption and real-world implementation of AIOps 
  • Where can AI be usefully introduced and how? 
  • Why new technologies and autonomous networks are major drivers of AIOps 
  • Sharing the benefits of automated networks enabled by AIOps 
  • What are the challenges of implementing AIOps? 

Adnan Kashwani, Sr. Director / Cloud Center of Excellence, Etisalat, e&


Adnan Kashwani

Sr. Director / Cloud Center of Excellence

Carla Penedo

Director of Offer Development & Innovation

Philip Laidler

Director, Consulting
STL Partners

Sampada Basarkar

Director of Products and Platform Engineering

Stuart Dunn

Senior Project Manager
TM Forum