Global Architecture Forum (GAF)

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Stage B

George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

Welcome and introduction
George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

CASE STUDY: Reaching AN (Autonomous Networks) level 4 by 2025 – outlining Orange's ongoing IT and networks transformation and the role ODA plays in it
Emmanuel Chautard, SVP Operations and Networks Economics, Orange 

CASE STUDY: Challenges, benefits and lessons learned – insights into how Telia has implemented ODA
Tadas Makcinskas, Chief IT Enterprise Architect, Telia Company

PANEL: Conformance validation of ODA components and canvas

  • What are ODA Components and why are they important to the industry? 
  • What is the ODA Canvas, and why is it important? 
  • What are the basic concepts of conformance for ODA Components and Canvas 
  • What is the status of TM Forum’s work on Component & Canvas conformance? 
  • How have China Mobile and Whale Cloud been working with ODA Components & Canvas? 
  • What are the next steps? 

Moderator: Andy Tiller, EVP Products & ServicesTM Forum
Lester Thomas, Head of New Technologies and Innovation, Vodafone
Shubham Saraswat, Product Manager, Hansen Technologies
Harinder Singh, Head of Communications & Media Service Line, Microsoft
John Harvey, Senior E2E Architect, Oracle Communications Consulting
Cece Li, System Architect, Whale Cloud & China Mobile
Kamal Maghsoudlou, Senior Solution Architect, Ericsson


Andy Tiller

EVP Products & Services
TM Forum

Cece Li

System Architect
Whale Cloud

Emmanuel Chautard

SVP Operations and Networks Economics

George Glass

TM Forum

Harinder Singh

WW Leader Telco and Media Service Line

John Harvey

Senior E2E Architect

Kamal Maghsoudlou

Senior Solution Architect

Lester Thomas

Head of New Technologies and Innovation

Shubham Saraswat

Product Manager
Hansen Technologies

Tadas Makcinskas

Chief IT Enterprise Architect
Telia Company