Moonshot Catalyst Champions Panel: Solving the biggest industry challenges to achieve breakthroughs with far reaching impact

Wednesday, 20 September 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Studio Stage

Discover Moonshots, a ground-breaking addition to this year's Catalyst program. Moonshots are innovative solutions that address critical industry issues through collaboration. Attendees will gain insights from leading organizations and champions in this transformative session. Join us to witness the strides towards a more connected, sustainable, and innovative industry.

Metaverse Opportunities for CSPs: What opportunities does the metaverse offer for CSPs, both internally and externally?
Monetizing Metaverse Opportunities: How can CSPs effectively monetize these metaverse opportunities, and what technical and organizational challenges need to be addressed?
Carbon Zero Challenges: What are the primary challenges CSPs face when implementing carbon zero strategies, and what ongoing initiatives are in place to tackle these challenges?
Impact Assessment: How can we measure the return on investment for these initiatives, and what social and economic impacts have been observed as a result?

Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation, TM Forum

Web3/Metaverse Panel:
Dinusha S. Rajapaksha, Senior Engineer, SLT 
Mingying Zhu, Senior IT System Architect, China Telecom
Riccardo Pascotto, Vice President / Head of Research Cooperation and Funding, Deutsche Telekom
Corey Gray, CEO, Smart Cities Council
Christian Maitre, VP Smart Territories, Orange
Jesús Iglesias Maqueda, Senior IT Architect, TELEFONICA

Energy Panel:
Lester Thomas, Head of New Technologies and Innovation, Vodafone 
Lingli Deng, Director Researcher, China Mobile Research Institute
Rune Harald Rækken, Senior Research Scientist,  Telenor
Neeta Moodbidri, Senior Director, Product Management, T-Mobile USA
Chris Tsan Kau Ting, VP of Facilities Management, HKT

List of the Moonshot Catalyst projects:

The Web3/ Metaverse Challenge
How can connectivity providers address future connectivity needs for the low-latency immersive internet (Web3/Metaverse)?

Autonomous networks hyperloops
Closing the metaverse chasm: Monetizing the ecosystem
Metaverse enablement through standard APIs
Revolutionizing telecom operations empowered in the metaverse by AI generated content
Supercharge any activity in any metaverse 
Transforming passenger experiences with continuous decision intelligence

The Energy Challenge
How can our industry lead the world towards carbon neutrality, and in doing so cut our energy consumption by at least 25% by 2025?
Creating a sustainable digital future: low-carbon networks
Digital carbon footprint optimization
Green and efficient radio access networks
Sustainability scoring for all
Zero carbon intelligent network



Aaron Boasman-Patel

Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation
TM Forum

Chris Ting

VP of Facilities Management

Christian Maitre

VP Smart Territories

Dinusha S. Rajapaksha

Senior Engineer

Jesús Iglesias Maqueda

Senior IT Architect

Lester Thomas

Head of New Technologies and Innovation

Lingli Deng

Director Researcher, China Mobile Research Institute
China Mobile

Mingying Zhu

Senior IT System Architect
China Telecom

Neeta Moodbidri

Sr. Director, Product Management

Riccardo Pascotto

Vice President / Head of Research Cooperation & Funding
Deutsche Telekom

Rune Harald Rækken

Senior Research Scientist