Keynotes: Enabling the AI powered telco

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SESSION MODERATORS:Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM ForumSasha Qadri, Host, DTW Ignite  KEYNOTE: Harnessing automation and AI – Accelerating growth and boosting productivity at Elisa Exploring Elisa's strategic adoption of automation and AI to drive growth and amplify productivity Lessons learned from Elisa's 10+ years of automation and AI development, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in AI deployment How Elisa's robust automation and AI capabilities …

A fresh approach to network energy efficiency

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SESSION MODERATORS:Phil Laidler, Managing Director, Consulting, STL PartnersSubhankar Pal, Senior Director, Innovation, Capgemini Engineering CASE STUDY & FIRESIDE CHAT: Orange journey towards 0 Watt for 0 loadEmmanuel Chautard, SVP Operations and Networks Economics, Orange  Interviewer: Subhankar Pal, Senior Director, Innovation, Capgemini Engineering Networks that deliver (just) enough Can we move to a network paradigm where resources are sufficient to deliver all …

Keynotes: The path to the net zero CSP

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SESSION MODERATORS:Hannes Schneider, Associate Partner, BainSasha Qadri, Host, DTW Ignite  FIRESIDE CHAT: The roadmap to net zero Understanding the role of data in driving energy efficiency and sustainability How third-party data becomes an actionable, powerful force for good How emerging networks and infrastructure can make a tangible impact on emissions Adopting a collaborative approach across the ecosystem to reduce value chain emissions …

Opening Headliners

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CSPs globally are exploring ways to reignite growth. Our trailblazing headliners will offer insights on they strategic opportunities they are spearheading that drive new, sustainable value and innovation to reinvigorate the industry.

Going green – how to become and stay a green CSP

Jenny Kessman

Where should CSPs start their journey to become greener? Where do the opportunities for becoming more energy efficient lie? Strategies for going solar – sourcing energy from solar energy suppliers and using solar panels to save on energy costs How to measure the impact of your green initiatives

Taiwan Mobile’s ESG roadmap to advancing sustainability

Jenny Kessman

Material ESG issues and major sustainability challenges for telecommunication industry How Taiwan Mobile reinforce ESG governance? Key success factors of Taiwan Mobile for walking the talk on ESG via strategy roadmap, targeting, ESG embedment and transparency Taiwan Mobile’s climate actions toward Net Zero

Creating a purpose-led CSP

Poorvi Verma

What does a purpose-led sustainability approach entail and how does it differ from an ESG-led sustainability approach? Leveraging purpose to develop a company strategy that incorporates and fosters sustainability How can senior leadership drive purpose across the organization and encourage employees to contribute towards achieving the purpose? How to make purpose transparent to all stakeholders and respond to real societal …